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Bladder cancer Treatment
Bladder cancer

Bladder cancer refers to lesions of urothelial cells that line the inside of bladders. Most tumors first originate from the surface of the bladder lining before spreading to the detrusor muscle on the bladder wall and other parts of the body. Bladder cancer may refer to a single tumor or consist of multiple tumors.

Surgical excision
Surgical excision can be divided into tumor excision, local excision and total excision, depending on the degree of metastasis. In the case of total excision, however, an artificial urine bladder must be put in place for the patient.
In radiotherapy, high-energy radiant rays are used to kill cancer cells while minimizing damage to normal cells in the process. Radiotherapy can be performed before or after surgery. In the case of internal radiotherapy, general anesthesia is necessary.
In chemotherapy, anticancer drugs are used to kill cancer cells and disrupt their reproduction. Chemotherapy may be performed by intravenous injection, which brings less side effects. And if the cancer cells have metastasized, intravenous injection will help anticancer drugs run through the whole body along the blood circulation system to destroy the cancer cells.
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