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Endometrial cancer Treatment
Endometrial cancer

Endometrial cancer begins in women's uterus upon abnormal cell growth and may invade or migrate to other body parts. It often occurs after menopause. Normally, the uterus lining (endometrium) sheds and regrows periodically, thus forming menstruation. However, in the event of hormone imbalance, endometrium may fail to shed irregularly and develop into cancer.

Surgical excision
At present, surgical excision is considered the most effective treatment. In this treatment, the entire uterus and surrounding fallopian tubes and ovaries will be removed, so the patient will lose fertility after surgery. This therapy is only suitable for patients whose cancer cells have not spread to other organs.
This therapy is suitable for patients whose cancer cells have metastasized. Specifically, high-energy radiant rays are used to kill cancer cells. Radiotherapy can be divided into internal and external radiotherapy, which can be performed separately or simultaneously. - Internal radiotherapy: Irradiation with high-energy X-rays from outside the body - External radiotherapy: Irradiation with a source containing iridium-192, usually performed after external radiotherapy The side effects of radiotherapy include skin redness, itching, nausea, diarrhea, a brief period of frequent urination, dryness of and secretion in the vagina.
Hormone therapy
This therapy is suitable for patients suffering from terminal stages of cancer or cancer recurrence, or those who want to retain fertility. This therapy features high doses and long course of treatment.
At present, multiple chemotherapeutic drugs and even hormone therapy are used in combination, but the efficacy is not significant.
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