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Oral cancer Treatment
Oral cancer

Oral cancer is cancer that develops on the tissues of the mouth cavity surface such as tongue, buccal mucosa and gingiva.

Surgical excision
Surgical excision is one of the important means to treat oral cancer. Surrounding lymph nodes may also be removed if necessary. However, this treatment may affect the patient's ability to chew, swallow and speak; if the lymph is removed at the same time, the patient's neck will become stiff and immobile, and his arms and shoulders will appear weak. Meanwhile, patients may need additional oral reconstruction surgery to restore the function and appearance of mouth cavity.
Radiotherapy uses high-energy radiant rays to destroy cancer cells and stop them from growing. Radiotherapy is usually performed before and after surgery. However, this treatment can cause side effects, including mucosal inflammation, reduced salivary secretion, and mouth ulcers.
Chemotherapy before or after surgery may reduce some remote migration and increase the survival rate of patients. In general, patients are treated with multiple chemotherapeutic drugs simultaneously, while those in poor conditions are treated with a single chemotherapeutic drug. However, this treatment is not effective enough to fully cure oral cancer and has some side effects, such as weakened immunity, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and mouth ulcers. This treatment contains relatively high toxicity.
Arterial perfusion therapy
Efficacy is up to 80% on patients in advanced stage. Although it cannot fully cure cancer, it can at least alleviate the sufferings of patients. It can be applied simultaneously with surgery, radiotherapy and so on. The treatment involves arterial injection of anticancer drugs to deliver high concentrations of medication to the cancerous tissues. Intramuscular injection of antagonists of anticancer drugs will protect the normal tissues.
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