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Skin cancer Treatment
Skin cancer

Skin cancer is a kind of cancer that grows in the skin. It develops from abnormal cells and may invade and spread to different parts of the body. Because skin cancer often develops in the epidermis and such tumors are often visible, most of the time, skin cancer can be detected early. According to the extent of severity, it can be divided into basal cell carcinoma (70-85%), squamous cell carcinoma (15-20%) and melanoma (5%).

Surgical excision
Surgical excision is a common choice of treatment, usually involving removal of the surrounding skin tissues. After surgery, skin transplant may be needed to fill the wound.
It is applicable to tumors covering smaller areas, in which liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide is used to freeze the cancer tissue to death. It will leave a scar.
Cancer cells are scooped out with a curette and electrocautery is applied to stop the bleeding, though the treatment may leave scars.
Laser therapy
Treatment is conducted with laser beam instead of a curette to reduce bleeding.
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