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Stomach cancer Treatment
Stomach cancer

Stomach cancer occurs in the gastric mucosa. There are different types of stomach cancers based on the cells where cancers arise, but almost all stomach cancers begin in cells that line the stomach.

Surgical excision
Remove most or all of the stomach and surrounding lymphatic tissues, and connect the small intestine to the esophagus to enable eating by patients. But its side effect is that the patient's ability to absorb iron and vitamin B12 will be reduced.
Chemotherapy can be given orally or intravenously, usually in combination with two or three chemotherapeutic drugs. However, its side effects include nausea, hair loss, mouth ulcers, rashes, etc.
Targeted therapy
It is only applicable to HER2-positive receptors, and is generally used in conjunction with chemotherapy. It has less side effects than other therapies.
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